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Our Dura-Crete concrete wall systems will not only provide you with a product that is superior in value and strength to our typical concrete competitors, you will also be very pleased to see our system costs less out of pocket due to our exclusive span of 10 feet between our pier foundations. This results in less posts, labor and concrete when compared to our competitors, which in the end gives you a superior product for less money. That is a win-win for any owner looking to protect and enhance their assets.

You will also be pleased to know that our systems can compete in the same cost arena as ornamental see-through steel and aluminum fencing.  If you are considering using 6 or 8 foot high ornamental fencing as an option for your project, we would highly encourage you to consider a Dura-Crete wall system as a more viable option.  Aside from comparable pricing, our systems will bring you benefits and value that cannot be recreated with any metal fence system, such as superior security, privacy, noise reduction and long-lasting durability. Our concrete systems, hands down, will provide you with the best value of all perimeter control systems in today’s market place.

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