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Screen Walls

Our Dura-Crete Dry Cast S-Series precast walls have proven to be a versatile, long lasting and economical solution to your screen or sound wall requirements.  Using a proprietary mix of dry cement materials, S-Series concrete posts and slats are produced in 2 different styles in an array of colors.

Dry casting refers to a process of utilizing a cement mixture, vibration, heavy compacting pressure and heated curing that eliminate the need for excess water, which yields a fully cured 5000 psi concrete product in as little as 24 hours.  Our proprietary dry casting equipment and its processes are designed to create high-quality concrete slats and posts consistently and efficiently every time.

Typical municipality requirements for zoned commercial property walls require the use of a 6’ high wall.  Drilled foundations every 10’ minimizes concrete and digging labor, reduces the impact and disturbance of existing landscaping, and increases the flexibility for layout; including changes in height, colored wall stripes and integrated dumpster enclosures.  Our Dura-Crete S-Series walls have been utilized for security upgrades, screening, sound-deadening as well as satisfying municipal zoning requirements and are available as a standard product in 8” increments up to 8’-0” above grade.

The lack of a continuous trenched foundation or shoring for cast-in-place forms allows our Dura-Crete S-Series systems to be installed in tight locations such as next to building foundations, driveways, alleys and under power lines.  Our highly experienced team at Dura-Crete can assist you in reviewing the options to satisfy your perimeter wall needs.

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