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Tall Walls

Tall Walls are commonly characterized as being over eight feet tall and are very specialized solutions to very unique challenges. We at Dura-Crete Products pride ourselves on our Tall Wall offerings.  Our years of experience manufacturing Tall Walls for scrap yards, substations and other applications have provided us with the proven technical performance history to suit your requirements.  Using heavy duty precast concrete posts or severe duty structural steel I-beam posts engineered to work in conjunction with your project’s soil conditions; we can manufacture and provide concrete wall systems exceeding 36 feet in height for your unique application.

Tall Walls require a specialized approach different from standard 6’ to 8’ walls. Qualified structural engineering of these particular posts and accompanying foundations tailored to a geotechnical evaluation of site substrate conditions is a mandatory requirement for these applications.  Our highly experienced team at Dura-Crete can assist you through the exploratory engineering phase as the beginning of a complete turnkey service for your project. 

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