Quality Pre-Cast Walls and Fences since 1996

Our products are manufactured using precise concrete mix technology in exacting steel molds that ensures their structural integrity, finish quality, and dimensional accuracy throughout its life cycle. A solid investment to add value to your project site.

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Dura-Crete Walls

Dura-Crete Walls may be rooted in tradition, but we break the mold of “traditional”, offering both custom designed solutions and easy all-in-one enclosure kits, we remain the preferred choice in concrete walls, fences, and enclosures for commercial, industrial and developer applications since 1996. Our system is faster to build, engineered to endure, and vastly more economical than cast-in-place, CMU block, and masonry methods. Our walls provide 100 percent visual screening for privacy, noise reduction for peace and compliance, physical security that is unparalleled by alternate fencing products, fire resistance, and an impressive aesthetic improvement to your property.

We manufacture using precise concrete mix technology in exacting steel molds that ensure structural integrity, finish quality, and dimensional accuracy. Our dry cast concrete solution demonstrates complete resilience to freeze-thaw cycles making it suitable for even the harshest climates. As an American manufacturer, our standards are high – for our products, our people, and the clients we serve.

Dura-Crete Walls was founded on the principles that strength and modern beauty can be affordable and efficient to construct. Through innovation we proved that and our legacy endures just as our walls have for almost 30 years.

We look forward to working with you, no matter where in the process you are, to build walls and partnerships that last!


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