Cost Effective Dumpster Enclosures

A Better Solution for Dumpster & Equipment Enclosures

Property owners might be surprised that enclosures used to contain and hide their dumpsters can cost well above $50,000 to build. Masonry brick and CMU block have historically dominated the trash enclosure building materials segment, however, their elevated cost to construct and repair have motivated owners, architects, and designers to find new and more reasonable solutions for these structures. 

Precast concrete for has changed the landscape of what dumpster enclosures should cost. The innovative design and construction style of the Dura-Crete Walls enclosure system is easily adaptable in size and look; offering a variety of gate styles, patterns, and colors to seamlessly coordinate with the aesthetic of the main building’s style. Most trash and equipment enclosures can be installed within 1-2 days, significantly reducing the cost of labor. And the ease of maintenance and repair should damage occur down the road, makes it systematically more practical for property owners long term.

Whether dumpster and equipment enclosures are part of a new build project or simply an upgrade to an existing property, Dura-Crete Walls’ surface mounted enclosure design makes it ideally suited for both situations.