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You are the professionals whose clients are relying on you to research and design the best value for their project. Many products featured on the internet may appear to be better than they really perform in use. With our Dura-Crete concrete wall systems, you will receive all the typical benefits a concrete system provides while being assured of our proven performance and longevity. Our screen wall and sound wall systems are the preferred choice of municipalities, businesses and utility companies throughout the Midwest. We invite you to specify our products for your current or future projects. We have conveniently provided generic specifications and drawings for your use on your project. For detailed descriptions of the products and services we can provide, please review the information found within the Products tab of our website or contact us directly

Everything you need to make the right decision for your client may not be available from a website, therefore we encourage you to contact our team directly for design assistance, drawings and specifications in formats you can use or for general information to help you assist your clients in achieving the best value for their projects. We would also encourage you to request from our team references from previous installations, so you can discuss directly with our customers who are using our products about their level of satisfaction. We look forward to discussing your project and your clients’ needs and expectations. Contact us today!



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