Critical Infrastructure, UTILITY & DATA CENTERS

Security and Strength for


Whether a utility company, data center, water facility or any other critical infrastructure site, there are many special requirements for both products and installation services. The team at Dura-Crete Walls understand how to design for your needs including enhanced security accessories and access points for your equipment and personnel. We have constructed the walls and enclosures to protect some of the country’s facilities important assets. Major energy suppliers, Global data center providers, and major metropolitan water treatment facilities all are on the list of proven application of Dura-Crete Wall technology.

Unlike conventional cast-in-place or masonry walls, our systems can often be dismantled and reassembled at strategic locations to accommodate your future foot print changes or additions of equipment. Our wider spacing between post foundations provides you with greater flexibility to plan and accommodate your underground duct banks and utility runs.

Unlike a typical steel cyclone fence, our concrete wall systems do not require grounding via copper ground rods or expensive grounding grids. This saves you on your initial investment and greatly reduces your maintenance costs.

On the project site, our specialized support crews are OSHA 30 certified safety conscious team players, who understand the concept of providing our services under your terms.

For detailed descriptions of the products and services we can provide, please review the information found within the Products tab of our website or contact us directly.



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