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Visual screening of dumpsters, generators, and other mechanical features is an important, and often required, element of a property. Dura-Crete Walls offers custom enclosure designs as well as simple all-in-one enclosure kits to make specification easy and construction much more efficient.

In most cases, our enclosure system can be mounted directly on top of an existing concrete pad and be fully constructed within hours. Our primary color selection was designed to complement a variety of masonry tones to help ensure effective municipal code compliance for dumpster enclosures. Our standard wood and chain link gate offering provides easy access while maintaining the element of privacy screening. And it’s modular nature makes it easily adaptable to a variety of customization, like custom gate designs and enclosure roofing systems.

Our highly experienced team is here to help guide you through the design and construction processes to make sure your enclosure system provides the look and function you want without the exorbitant cost of masonry or CMU block construction.